New Hope Pastoral Changes 1849-2015

After losing his membership at New Prospect Baptist Church for playing his fiddle for a square dance, Mr. James Tillman Busby decided to build a church of his own. With the help of his faithful wife, "Miss Cynthia," Mr. and Mrs. Abner Bolt, and several other good neighbors they sawed lumber from their own trees and in due time a church was built.

Mr. Charlie White, who later married Miss Anna Busby, Mr. James T. Busby's daughter, built the pulpit and pews. Sunday School classes and prayer meetings were held each Sunday. Very often when the weather was too bad for "Miss Cynthia" and the eleven children and neighbors to attend, Mr. Busby would go alone to God's house, read his Bible, pray, and sing his favorite song, "Amazing Grace". Later ministers were invited to hold protracted meetings.  Some of the men were: Rev. John Attaway, Rev.James Kinard, and Rev.Fletcher Anderson.

The church was built near the Busby home close to the little school house where the Busby children received their education. The first person buried in the New Hope Church Cemetery was Amanda S. Busby in 1892. She was the wife of George Busby. Two of Charlie and Anna (Busby) White's sons became ministers. One, E. C. White, became a Baptist serving Oak Wood for 44 years. The other, S. B. White was a member of the Methodist Conference.

From then until 1910 we have no record of the ministers or congregation except for the Rev. Doc Brown who helped install the chancel rail.

Rev. C. P. Carter      -   1910 - 1913

Rev. Sam Danner        -   1913 - 1917

Rev. J. G. Huggins     -   1917 - 1921

Rev. A.M. Smith        -   1921 - 1923

Rev. Jimmy Renfore     -   1923 - 1926

Rev. J. W. D. Bolin    -   1926 - 1927

Rev. Kinard            -   1927 - 1928

Rev. Paul Kinnett,     -   1928 - 1932.   It was during Rev. Kinnett's stay that a new Sunday School was orga-nized (for some time there had been no Sunday School). Mr. W. D. Smith, a New Hope member, enlisted the aid of Viola H. Norris (Mrs. Frank) and in the Spring of 1931 classes were started with Mrs. Norris serving as Superintendent.

Rev. Thomas Bryson     -   1932 - 1933

Rev. D. W. Smith       -   1933 - 1937.   During the time Mr. Smith was pastor, New Hope grew and prospered, Three Sunday School rooms were added, the church covered and lights installed.

Rev. W. Y. Cooley      -   1938 - 1939

Rev. Clyde Allen       -   1940 - 1943

Rev. C. L. Harris      -   1944 - 1945

Rev. W. A. Duckworth   -   1945 - 1948. Rev. Duckworth died while serving this charge. When he became ill he made arrangements for two Bob Jones University boys, Ray Seay and Jim Singleton, to help at New Hope.

Rev. Grady Newman      -   1948 - 1949

Rev. C. 0. Dom         -   1949 - 1950

Rev. W. Glenn Smith    -   1951 - 1952

Rev. L. 0. Foxworth,Jr.-   1952 - 1955

Rev. William Vines     -   1955 - 1958

The names of the pastors who served between 1958 and 1967 are missing from the Church Records.

Rev. Dewey Brazill     -   1967 - 1971.  While Rev. Brazill was here, W. Lewis Martin, Sr., bought land in 1966 from the original Busby property. The ground was broken for the new church July 14, 1968.

The dates of service for the following are not listed in the Methodist records having either retired; left the ministry; left the Methodist Church, or have died:

    Rev. W. Y Jenkins -   Rev. John M. Williams, Jr.    -    Rev. Harold B. Jayroe  
    Rev. Allen Kuback -   Rev, Harley Feltman           -    Rev. Harold Albert.

Rev. Marcus Antley     -   1978 - 1982

Rev. Robert Davenport  -   1983 - 1987

Rev. Donald S. Haton   -   1987 - 1990

Rev. Paul A. Wood, Jr. -   June 1990 - June 1994

Rev. Barry Cannon      -   June 1994 - June 1999

Rev. Phillip E. Stout  -   June 1999 - June 2007

Rev. R. Wayne Pearce   -   June 2007 - June 2009

Rev. Joyce G. Murphy   -   June 2009 -  June - 2014

Rev. George H.Donigian -   June 2014 -


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