Administrative Council


Administrative Council Members

Admin. Council Chair -  
Finance Committee Chair - Sandy Ashworth
Treasurer - Carole Hawkins
Financial Secretary - Jerry Vickery
Lay Leader - Stuart Barnes
Lay Delegater to Annual Conf. - Debbie Bannister
Alt. Lay Member to Annual Conference -  
Sunday School Superintendent -  
Ass't Sunday School Super. - Lin Cox
Trustee, Chair -  
SPRC, Chair - Debby Boerner
Middle School MYF -  
Young Adults                           -  
Adult Ministries - Lynn Stout
Witness,  Chair -  
Outreach,  Chair - Barbara Harrison
Nurture, Chair    
Records & History, Chair - Reecie Hatcher-Margie Carithers-Joyce 
Worship, Chair -  
Music Director   Debbie Bannister
UM Women, President -  
UM Men, Chair - Terry Hawkins
Disaster Relief Coordinator -  
Recording Secretary - Nancy Bouknight
Membership Secretary - Lynn Stout


Members at Large  Administrative Council

                      Bert Vickery   Sean Thrasher
                      Roger Bouknight    

(**)  Officers serve on a yearly rotation cycle, unless otherwise indicated by Class.

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