Committee Members


NOMINATIONs & Leadership Development Committee

 Charles Davis  (19)     Sean Thrasher  (19)
 Barbara Harrison  (20)     Terry Hawkins  (20)
Stuart Barnes, Lay Leader     Pam Cox  (21)

Pastor-PaRISH  Relations Committee

 Stuart Barnes, Chair (17)    Terry Hawkins  (19)
Lynn Stout (19)                                     Barbara Johnson  (20)
Sandy Thrasher   (21)                            Harrison Vickery  (21)


Finance Committee

  Margie Carithers, Administrative Council Chair
Sandy Ashworth, Chair   Jerry Vickery, Finance Secretary
Carole Hawkins, Treasurer    
  Tim Hennessy , Trustee Chair   Stuart Barnes, PPRC Chair
                                       Finance at    Large
                            Lin Cox             Aggie Hennessy



(**)  All are on yearly rotation with the exception of committees set up on classes.

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