Committee Members


Lay Leadership - NOMINATION Committee

 Dan Bannister (17)     Bill Mainous (18)
Sean Thrasher (17)    Charles Davis  (18)
Stuart Barnes, Lay Leader    

STAFF-Pastor Relations Committee

Debby Boerner, Chair (17)    Terry Hawkins  (16)
Lynn Stout (17)
Alice Davis  (18)                                   Lin Cox (18)
Stuart Barnes, Lay Leader    John Thrasher, Lay Delegate


Finance Committee

                                , Administrative Council Chair
Sandy Ashworth, Chair   Jerry Vickery, Finance Secretary
Carole Hawkins, Treasurer   Debby Boerner,  SPRC Chair (17)
                            , Trustee Chair    
Stuart Barnes, Lay Leader    
                  Members at Large

WITNESS Committee


(**)  All are on yearly rotation with the exception of committees set up on classes.

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